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EUSTORY project


Kép Last year, 24 students from all over Europe joined the EUSTORY project: "Remembering Protest, Resistance and Civil Disobedience in Europe. An International Research Project on the Politics of Memory".

12 countries were represented by former participants of EUSTORY Youth Academies. The young Europeans came from Bulgaria, Germany, Latvia, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland and the Ukraine.

The aim of the project was to find out about how protest movements are remembered officially and unofficially in various European countries. Step by step, the participants analyzed traditionally accepted understandings of protest in 20th Century history and discussed them in a European context.

The participants were between 17 to 27 years old, high school students, university students and graduates from various disciplines. They all share a strong interest in European history and cultivate the dialog on this issue. To get an impression of the project and the work inside the EUSTORY network.

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